Central Malagueta


More than a century of tradition and the essence of a new project lay the foundations for Central Malagueta, a café-restaurant few meters from the seashore with non stop cuisine and exclusive coffee

With the experience inherited from the Central Cafe in Plaza de la Constitución, the restaurant offers a menu varied with creative touches, where gourmet sandwiches and their own specialty coffee stand out.

The Central Malagueta is located on Cervantes street, 13 its décor pays homage to Parisian and Viennese cafes with tikal green marble tables, custom-designed tableware, wooden frame, outdoor terrace and the recreation of a mosaic that honors manners coffee in Malaga, created by his grandfather D. José Prado Crespo.

Central Malagueta offers breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner on its menu, as well as special cocktails among the which includes a combination starring its own brand of coffee.

Traditional flavors such as Oxtail, Russian Salad or Chicken Salad with Mustard Mayonnaise, as well as Gourmet Sandwiches; a snack sample that combines salads and different breads - from bagel, orange brioche or mustard bread - handcrafted for Central Malagueta.

The café-restaurant imports the essence of a hundred years of restoration in Malaga and the ten ways to drink a specialty coffee from roast 100% natural and malagueño, both to taste at the table and to take away.

Also, purchase any of the personalized products that can be purchased at the establishment or in the online store: cups, thermoses, decoration items...

Carta Central Malagueta