Our Roaster

Our Roaster

A new concept of space dedicated to coffee and its accessories, to its study and dissemination, was born in Malaga.

From the Café Central, as a profound connoisseur of the Coffee sector, has wanted to take a step forward in his search for an excellent cup of coffee and for this we have created this space that is at the same time a laboratory for coffee flavors, a specialty coffee shop and infusions together with accessories and training room for baristas and roasters.

Coffee shop

In our shop you can find coffees from all over the world, looking for the best of the best. Our coffees will always be Arabica and will always be specialty coffees, that is, coffees with Q-grader scores (expert independent professional green coffee tasters) above 80 points.

Our coffees are selected for their special organoleptic characteristics, for the care and process that coffee growers make of the beans at the origin.

We are determined to promote the use of specialty coffees, not only for their excellent flavor, but not because of the fair trade philosophy that these coffees carry. With this, we hope to put our granite in the form of responsible purchasing.

This way you will not find roasted coffee or robusta beans in our roaster (or in our partner coffee shops).

Training room

From Café Central we are aware of the enormous importance that training plays in the world of (professional) hospitality and within the amateur world, which is why in this space dedicated to coffee we want to offer courses that will go from the basic barista to the professional barista.

In addition to the courses for professionals, we will regularly carry out tastings and trainings aimed at improving and training our palates so that both professionals and good coffee fans are able to distinguish aromas and others nuances in coffee.