Kit 3 Tazas de porcelana de Café Central (3 tamaños diferentes) - Café Central

Kit 3 Porcelain Coffee Cups Central (3 different sizes)

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Take home the kit of three cups of the different sizes of coffee from Café Central, with the famous measurements of the box on its side, from the solo, passing in the middle, the shadow and the cloud to the friendly "don't wear it "

Kit of three Portuguese porcelain cups with high shock resistance, thermal capacity and durability. Semi stackable (up to 3) white color. All include cymbal with anti-slip drain.

  • Suitable for microwave use.
  • Freezer safe.
  • High resistance to peeling off the edges.
  • Suitable for industrial furnaces.
  • Non porosity certificate.
  • Thermal shock resistance.
  • Dishwasher safe using non-abrasive detergents.
  • Enameled central logo on the front and meter on the back.
  • Lead (Pb) and Cadmium (Cd) free according to FDA, ASTM and Proposition 65.