The Best of Each Continent

When we considered the possibility of having our own coffee we were filled with illusion and the possibilities multiplied by days, at that moment you face a sea of ​​doubts that little by little you are clearing up more with a trip to your interior, to your essence than with the external search for a supposed manna.

The search for a coffee that represents us supposes an extra exercise of responsibility, towards our ancestors and our current and future clients. And it is in that encounter between our current and future clientele that perhaps we had the hardest time deciding what we wanted.

Today, times, and the flavors of coffee are changing, the natural search for excellence is a job daily that involves training, knowing, testing and asking, reformulating the standard and starting again. That is why defining a flavor seemed complicated.

In this search and evolution in the Central we have gone through several roasters, from the original Cafés Castel that roasted in Malaga, from there we went to Coffee Products in which We coexisted and shared very good moments with the Santa Cristina team, to whom we will always be grateful. From there we made a significant qualitative leap with Cafento and with the creation of coffees made especially for us, such as 1954, the Master and our decaf, A luxury, and the team both from Asturias and from here in Andalusia will always be grateful. We have been treated phenomenally.

From there, and always looking for excellence and putting our coffee on a higher level, we formed, tried different coffees in different provinces, from all over the world, ... we just needed to find the equipment of people perfect to be able to make the jump to a coffee roasted by us, roasted in our Malaga , under our sun and in our own establishment.

In the middle came the Central Malagueta , very traditional and at the same time a breath of fresh air in Malagueta, such a pleasant neighborhood, so sunny with its beach and its bullring, a neighborhood with its own character, which we fell in love with, and in which we have a small team but of which we are very proud, friendly, fast, open to changes, responsible and very friendly .

And so, for two cafes with their own character, we decided to create our own roaster in the center of Malaga for a special and excellent coffee, we went from roasted coffee for us to roasted coffee by us.

To get here we have had the invaluable help of several baristas and fellow travelers who deserve your recognition, able to get the best flavor out of our coffee, I do not forget the coffees that Manuel Amate prepared, so fast and capable when there were no baristas like today, Rocío Cubiles who was beating spectacularly, Jaime García good person, friendly, effective and who showed us with simplicity and not without effort that a coffee can be well made and well served without being slow, quite an achievement ... until the destination reached Rabi Aouam , who is not only a barista, he is Q grader, several times Andalusian champion of barista, runner-up in Spain and who has already I had been roasting for a long time, I had a lot of experience in a classic cafeteria and had even had a cafeteria of my own that has It was very good as Kima Coffee was. Since then the level of our coffee has not stopped growing.

Rabi's union with us, with our team (which is quite large, at least from the heart, hehehe) with our desire to grow and Doing it right has led us to be able to have our own coffee in our hands, a path full of efforts, illusion, joys and setbacks, which in a cup unites modernity and tradition, Malaga and the whole world.

Since then we have roasted only specialty coffees in the coquette Plaza de San Francisco and we do not stop looking for an excellent cup of coffee, first espresso and then the best cup of filter coffee, ... and so every day.

Looking for the best flavor, the best farms, a fairer trade ... leads us to buy coffee from all over the world from Colombia, Brazil, Guatemala , Costa Rica , Nicaragua , El Salvador or Ethiopia , Kenya or Burundi , .... and those that we will find in that search for a better flavor, of a world best.

From the dark chocolate flavors with sweet notes of our own Blend , made in turn with specialty coffees, a little madness made into coffee, which you can now go home and certainly savor both in the Plaza de la Constitución and in La Malagueta.

Come order the coffee to your liking, close your eyes and savor the flavor of the history , a history with a great future.